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Do you need a change? I'm not afraid of a challenge. I'll offer you encouragement and support if you seek a transformational session, making it an easy transition and an enjoyable experience. 

My name is Sam; I'm 25 and live in Guelph. I love to spend my time outdoors, in coffee shops or having fancy cocktails on a night out. I'm a dog lover, yoga enthusiast, and I love all things in the beauty and fashion world. I couldn't imagine doing anything other than hair!!

I grew up cheerleading and was always the one to do other teammates' hair and help them with their makeup whenever anyone would let me. I have always known I didn't want to sit behind a computer screen all day or work in an office. Even though I always wanted a "fun job," I didn't quite know what that meant for me. I tried a few semesters of university, decided it wasn't the direction I wanted to go, and then took some time to discover who Sam really is. 

After a couple of "successful" sets of DIY at-home highlights on my best friend, and a few mediocre event styles, I realized hairstyling was the "fun career" I was looking for. I love being challenged in all ways this industry tries me - technically, physically, and emotionally. I love combining my creative skills while hanging out with some pretty cool people!

I can't wait for you to experience the IHC way and bring your hair dreams to life.

See you sooooon!


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My Current Pricing 

Maintenance Brightening & Blowdry - 145

Maintenance Brightening & Long Blowdry - 175

Maintenance Brightening & Haircut -185

Maintenance Brightening & Long Haircut - 230

Total Brightening & Blowdry - 190

Total Brightening & Long Blowdry - 220

Total Brightening & Haircut - 230

Total Brightening & Long Haircut - 275

Maximum Brightening & Blowdry - 235 

Maximum Brightening & Long Blowdry - 265

Maximum Brightening & Haircut - 275

Maximum Brightening & Long Haircut - 320

Short Haircut - 50

Regular Length Haircut - 65

Long Haircut - 80

On-Scalp Colour & Blowdry -130

On-Scalp Colour & Long Blowdry - 155

On-Scalp Colour & Haircut - 165

On-Scalp Colour & Long Haircut - 200

Mini Brightening & Blowdry - 125

Mini Brightening & Long Blowdry - 145

Mini Brightening & Haircut -155

Mini Brightening & Long Haircut - 200

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