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Are you seeking a luxury blonding experience that is impactful, transformational, or completely customized with a soft, lasting grow-out? I've dedicated the last few years of my career to finding solutions to your blonding dreams. 

Hey, I'm Kay, your luxury blonding specialist! 🌟

Foodie. Book nerd. Dog lover. Passionate about life, my work, and creating the ultimate BLONDE dream 😉

I started my career when balayage was the most popular thing to have done. I've always focused heavily on blonding and have only grown more passionate about it the longer I've been a stylist. With nearly a decade of dedicated experience and continuous education, I'm here to bring your dream hair to life in the happiest and healthiest way possible.


I love nothing more than a healthy head of blonde hair (and a bad joke). So, whether you've experienced issues in the past or are trying to avoid them altogether, my promise is to look after your hair and be as honest as possible with you about what your hair needs and what's achievable. 

Together, we will get your hair to where you want it to be. With personalized consultations, customized placements, and take-home options, I aim to enhance your unique beauty with a healthy, strong blonde that compliments everything about who you are- and I can't wait to get to know who that is during the process! 🥰

Your trust in me is key, and I want your hair to have the ultimate indulgence each and every time you're in my chair, which is why all sessions are inclusive of a trim or treatment. Booking an appointment should be straightforward. Shadow roots, balayage, baby lights or treatments, it doesn't matter; with my own category in our drop-down service menu, we make it easy for you to find my services and for you to select the right session - all you have to know is how much blonde you want.


I'm looking forward to offering this luxury blonding experience for you and hair- customized from start to finish! 💆🏼‍♀️


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Luxury Blonding Experiences

Maintenance Blonding - $300

Maintenance Blonding XL - $375

Total Blonding - $450 (includes two at-home care products)

Total Blonding XL - $525 (includes two at-home care products)

Maximum Blonding - $550 (includes two at-home care products)

Maximum Blonding XL - $625 (includes two at-home care products)

Transformational Blonding - $750 (includes two at-home care products)

Transformational Blonding XL - $850 (includes two at-home care products)

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