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Are you seeking impactful, bright, transformational, customized blondes with soft, lasting grow-outs? If so, you want to sit in my chair as I've dedicated the last few years of my career to finding solutions to your blonding dreams. 

You can call me Kay or Kayla. I’ve been in the industry for nine years and keep finding new ways to renew my passion for it! I love books and have a deep love for romance novels. My husband and I love good food; from cooking to eating it, we love the whole experience. 

I grew up in a small town and never thought I would become a hairstylist or do hair for a living, even though I loved it so much from such a young age. I guess I was scared of the thought of messing up someone's hair or getting something wrong. I even went to hair school right after high school, but I never finished because I didn't have the confidence to do it then.


Fast forward a few years and a few different career attempts later, I realized why none worked out. I wasn't being creative or challenged. I wanted to meet new people, be social and, most importantly, create fantastic hair. So I moved to the city with my now husband, went to hair school, and finally got my license. It's now been nine years, and I haven't looked back.

Besides reading, I love my house plants, my husband and coke-a-cola. 😃 Hair has filled all those voids in my life and continues to inspire me. Especially when it came to blondes, I guess you could say I was "blonded by the light" and loved the challenge that my clients were always looking for ways to be blonder but really wanted that soft grow-out. Finding that solution really excites me as I feel it's not a tool all stylists have. 

My goal is always to get better; I will never settle. I love blow-drying my client's hair and hearing them say, "This is actually the best - I'm obsessed."


I'm forever grateful to everyone who places their trust in me, and I can't wait to share an experience with you at IHC.


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My Current Pricing 

Regular Length Haircut - 90

Long Haircut - 110

On-Scalp Colour & Blowdry -155

On-Scalp Colour & Long Blowdry - 185

On-Scalp Colour & Haircut - 185

On-Scalp Colour & Long Haircut - 210

Mini Brightening & Blowdry - 170

Mini Brightening & Long Blowdry - 200

Mini Brightening & Haircut - 210

Mini Brightening & Long Haircut - 255

Maintenance Brightening & Blowdry - 205

Maintenance Brightening & Long Blowdry - 235

Maintenance Brightening & Haircut - 245

Maintenance Brightening & Long Haircut - 290

Total Brightening & Blowdry - 250

Total Brightening & Long Blowdry - 280

Total Brightening & Haircut - 290

Total Brightening & Long Haircut - 335

Maximum Brightening & Blowdry - 280

Maximum Brightening & Long Blowdry - 310

Maximum Brightening & Haircut - 320

Maximum Brightening & Long Haircut - 365

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