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If your colour feels dull, faded, or over-lightened, and you're seeking dimension, you've found the right stylist! I love putting colour back into the hair, giving that multi-tonal contrasting colour look. 

People call me Jessica, Jess or even Jessie - I'm one of 9 kids in my family, so I get it all. 😆 I've been in the hair industry for over 9 years and joined Aja at IHC upon opening as her Floor Manager and Senior Stylist.

I'm Jess, Industry Hair Co.'s Contrast Colour Specialist. I graduated from La Luma Hair Academy in 2012 and have been working in the industry since.


Like many people, when I was 17, I didn't know what I wanted to do after high school. So off I went to the University of Guelph. Long story short... I hated it & 2 months later, I dropped out. I spent the rest of that year saving money and going through some growing pains. I knew I needed a plan B, so my bright idea was to invest some of my time exploring something I always enjoyed doing for myself, hair. I was the girl who used to put velcro rollers in her hair at the ripe old age of 13, I was the girl who begged to have highlights put in before I even hit puberty, and I was the girl who would use her paycheck money to buy clip in extensions to wear to a highschool party. I enrolled in hair school the September of 2011, and that was it for me!


More recently, I gained some newfound passions to fill my spare time in my life. If you know me, you certainly know about my main gal, Brandy. I rescued her five years ago from West Virginia & she's the best thing to happen to me in a long time. She's a menace at the dog park, but she has the biggest heart and loves to snuggle.


Don't worry, though; she's not my whole personality now; I also love chatting about travelling, exercising, my shopping addiction and all things pop culture.


You can also find my scrunchies on the shelves of IHC; I love to sew, and scrunchies and headbands seemed like a no-brainer to me. 


Hope to see you in the salon soon,



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My Current Pricing

Short Haircut - 65

Regular Length Haircut - 90

Long Haircut - 110


On-Scalp Colour & Blowdry -155

On-Scalp Colour & Long Blowdry - 185

On-Scalp Colour & Haircut - 185

On-Scalp Colour & Long Haircut - 210


Mini Brightening & Blowdry - 170

Mini Brightening & Long Blowdry - 200

Mini Brightening & Haircut - 210

Mini Brightening & Long Haircut - 255


Maintenance Brightening & Blowdry - 205

Maintenance Brightening & Long Blowdry - 235

Maintenance Brightening & Haircut - 245

Maintenance Brightening & Long Haircut - 290

Total Brightening & Blowdry - 250

Total Brightening & Long Blowdry - 280

Total Brightening & Haircut - 290

Total Brightening & Long Haircut - 335


Maximum Brightening & Blowdry - 280

Maximum Brightening & Long Blowdry - 310

Maximum Brightening & Haircut - 320

Maximum Brightening & Long Haircut - 365


I offer beaded row extensions and keratin bond extensions; however, all quotes are done via consultation

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