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At IHC, we believe in freedom; with trust, and we allow our stylists to take control of their careers and jump in the driver's seat

freedom along with culture, connections, collaborations, creativity and courage are at the forefront of our beliefs.

Our ideal stylist is passion-fueled, desires continuous growth, and isn’t afraid of doing things differently. They have mastered the client experience and are ready to take control of their career and, most importantly, enjoy the journey along the way.


We promise to provide a place of creativity and inspiration, promote personal growth and development, and lead you to success by offering freedom, by having confidence in our coaching and courage in our leadership. We promise to help you grow on the inside to grow confidently behind the chair and in your personal life.


Choose your own hours

Ongoing Support

This is a full-time position (because our creative brains never stop working), but you choose the hours you want to work behind the chair. Be it 15 or 35 hours, you are in control of your schedule. We do however encourage a work/life balance and promote a four-day workweek.

 We are thrilled to offer our team in-house coaching and leadership training on the second Monday of each month. These hours are paid minimum wage, and lunch is provided.

Pre-scheduled You & Me sessions are booked three times per year with an open-door policy at any time.

Straight forward commission

A competitive commission rate for all licensed stylists. Industry Hair Co. believes in giving more money to the stylist. We don’t pay front desk staff to answer phones or cash out clients because we don’t even have a front desk; this allows more money to go to you. There are no back bar/colour fees, just straight-forward commission.

Extra perks worth noting

A staff room with a kitchen table, fridge, microwave, toaster oven, Nespresso machine and built-in bench seating with storage for your belongings.


Birthday perk - all stylists at IHC will receive a $100 gift card for a massage or facial on us for your birthday as part of our work/life balance initiative.

A message from our leader, Aja Coore

I am so excited that you have landed here because I developed and created this brand for you. With over 23 years in this incredible industry and over 10 years as a salon owner, I've seen the good, the bad and the ugly that come along with the job. I'm here to shift that, to make a change that this industry so badly needs because I've been there, right where you are. Where you want more, but someone or something is holding you back. I've been told I need to offer every service on the service menu because we are a full-service salon. I've been told no to a vacation request; I've been given my work hours; I've been given a corner in the colour room to eat my lunch. But on the contrary, I've also been given love, leadership, support and experiences that have formed me into the stylist I am today. 

The good, the bad and the ugly. 

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I'm on a mission to prove to other salon and spa owners, stylists and myself that this method of saloning differently is a win-win for everyone. I'm looking for trailblazers, for stylists who want to take a ride and journey with me. 


By giving freedom to you, the stylist, with trust, you will come to work happy and leave feeling supported and fulfilled.


You choose your hours, do the services that set your soul on fire and take control over client communications; this puts you in control of your career. Why should someone else be in the driver's seat? Allow me to coach and guide you to make the best career decision you'll ever make.

Industry Hair Co. does not have a receptionist. Instead, we use the most technically advanced booking system that offers you, the stylist, full access to the schedule and allows the client to self-checkout at the end of their service in your chair. Not having a receptionist allows for more money to go into your pockets, which is why we offer a very competitive commission rate with no back bar or colour charges. 


We're here to be bold, shake things up, get away from the industry norms, and create new, exciting systems that have proven to work more efficiently and effectively. We're also here to enjoy life, indulge and grow our vessels. Are you ready to join us?

P.S. I'm most excited about my what's next guarantee, there are no glass ceilings here; you'll be pleased to see what working with a hands-on leader and learning the ins and outs of this business can do for your dreams. I love doers, but in order to be a doer, you must first be a dreamer. 

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