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We hear you want to wear hair extensions...

If so, you've come to the right place; get the hair of your dreams with a fully customized session at Halton's #1 destination for Hair Extensions!

At Industry Hair Co., we believe that hair extensions can quite literally change your life, so be prepared that when you commit to this life-changing experience, you'll walk into the salon one person and leave another; talk about an instant boost of confidence. For most people, extensions can solve all (okay, maybe not all, but most) of our hair concerns, be it a desire for more volume, extra length, or full-on mermaid hair. We will make all your hair dreams come true and offer you a lightweight, seamless finish for you to gush over. 

Who are extensions for?

The soul who wants to feel like the best version of themselves; or whom they love or desire to be. Let's face it, our hair changes over the years and sometimes the one looking back in the mirror isn't the one you remember. 

Maybe you want to add a few inches of length because your hair just doesn't seem to grow like before, no matter how long you've been trying or how well you've been taking care of your hair.

Maybe you are frustrated and tired of wasting time styling your hair when it never seems to last, and you wish for styles that last. 

Maybe you're the soul who tried many other extension methods and ended up less than impressed, leaving you frustrated and stressed because they were noticeable and uncomfortable.

Here, at IHC, we offer multiple extension methods to ensure our clients receive a fully customized extension experience with a seamless finish that is best suited for their way of life.



Let's see what our clients are saying...

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Hand-tied wefts have changed my hair game so much! Not only do they look amazing, but they are comfortable and easier than expected to maintain. Aja's how-to-care instructions were amazing and very helpful! Industry Hair Co., thank you for making my hair goals a reality!

- Heidi

I've always had straight, thin and fine hair, which never allowed me flexibility when cutting and styling. I couldn't curl my hair, layered cuts were difficult, and even blow-drying didn't give me the volume I wanted. I decided over a year ago to try extensions (for volume), and I'm so happy I did. 

I now have volume! My hair looks full and beautiful. I can curl my hair (and it holds!) The extensions can even be dyed different colours without damaging my hair. On top of everything, they are very easy to maintain and care for. I highly recommend extensions for anyone looking to get that volume and versatility in their hair. 

I can't imagine my life without them!

- Sam 

I absolutely love my new extension ponytail!

I've never had extensions before, but I have always wished for a really long and voluminous ponytail. After deciding to try extensions for the summer,  I'm hooked. They blend really well with my natural hair and add the volume that I've been looking for!


Aja is a pro at installing extensions and selecting and blending the perfect colours. I couldn't be happier and always receive so many compliments on my hair!

- Michelle

Ready to schedule a no-commitment consultation?

Do you have concerns because you wear your hair up? Or work out every day? Have fine hair? And your friend, who is not a licensed stylist, told you that extensions are damaging? Haha, no problem; we will sit with you and review your lifestyle, chat about your dream hair and then suggest the method that's right for you and your way of life. Our consultations are free of charge and come with no commitment on your end; however, come prepared to leave a deposit if you are ready to commit. 

Interested, but need some more info?

At IHC, we offer Natural Beaded Row Extensions, Keratin Bond Extensions, and Tape-In Extensions. Although all three methods are different, the result is the same... the hair of your dreams. :) The investment varies based on your starting point, goal, and the best method for your hair/lifestyle. 

Natural Beaded Rows

For natural beaded rows, we use your natural hair and beads to create a base and then sew wefts to the base. Wefts are best if you are comfortable with a 7-9 week maintenance schedule and want a lightweight option that is easy to care for. 

Keratin Bond 

Keratin bonds are our low-maintenance option for extensions. Although they are a one-time use, they last anywhere between 4-6 months. The bond is attached with heat and melted to a small section of your hair allowing for the most natural movement. 



Tape-In's are a great way to fill little holes around the head or for bridal day-of hair. We use your natural hair and sandwich it between the two tape in pieces. Just like wefts, tape-ins can be re-used multiple times. Tape in's need to be maintained on a 7-9 week schedule.

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