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If you long for low-maintenance hair colour that grows with intention, then I'm the colourist for you. As a natural colour lover, I offer simple solutions that will give you the colour of your dreams without needing to be in my chair every 6-8 weeks.

​Hi! I’m Alyssa. I've been doing hair for three years now and couldn't imagine doing anything else.  I'm a book lover and enjoy spending my spare time outdoors, playing board games (scrabble is my current fav), and I'm a wee bit woo woo and love all things astrology, manifestation and crystals.

Using different mediums through hair and art has always been a hobby of mine. When I was young, I developed a pattern of growing out my hair and chopping it all off to try something new (fun fact: I donated my hair five times). I found it fun to experiment with different cuts, colours and hair accessories. Growing up, I would try different techniques to style my hair, one time, I even put a whole box of straws in my hair just to try a new way of curling it (sorry, turtles). From a young age, I found myself getting creative with paper, pencils and paintbrushes; art has consistently been an outlet for me to become the creative and artistic soul I am today.


In high school, I completed the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program for hair styling, and although it was a fun experience, I did not instantly fall in love with hair. I found a passion for hair when I got the opportunity to work in a professional salon setting. I learned that there is so much more to doing hair than meets the eye. I am inspired by watching other stylists work, by learning about the brands we use in the salon, and learning the science behind hair.


Doing hair makes me feel calm and relaxed and has become my safe place over the years. I hope to make all my clients feel as calm as I do, and I wish to create a positive experience and help my clients express themselves through their hair. 


Doing hair for me feels like more than just a job, and I am overjoyed to be able to build relationships while exploring my passion. 


I can't wait to meet you and share the experience that is IHC!


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My Current Pricing 

Short Haircut - 55

Regular Length Haircut - 75

Long Haircut - 95

On-Scalp Colour & Blowdry -140

On-scalp Colour & Long Blowdry - 160

On-Scalp Colour & Haircut - 165

On-Scalp Colour & Long Haircut - 195

Mini Brightening & Blowdry - 145

Mini Brightening & Long Blowdry - 175

Mini Brightening & Haircut -185

Mini Brightening & Long Haircut - 215

Maintenance Brightening & Blowdry - 175

Maintenance Brightening & Long Blowdry - 210

Maintenance Brightening & Haircut -220

Maintenance Brightening & Long Haircut - 250

Total Brightening & Blowdry - 225

Total Brightening & Long Blowdry - 260

Total Brightening & Haircut - 270

Total Brighteingin & Long Haircut - 300

Max Brightening & Blowdry - 265

Max Brightening & Long Blowdry - 300

Max Brightening & Haircut - 310

Max Brighteingin & Long Haircut - 340

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